Novlek Hardwood Clips fasteners

Novlek Hardwood Clips fasteners

Clips Novlek for hidden installation of wooden terraces or facades
Available in two packs of 185 and 450 pieces including screws, bits, spacers and Ipe plugs

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Clips Novlek Hardwood clips

Clips Novlek Hardwood clips

Clips Novlek Hardwood clips

Clips Novlek Hardwood clips

Clips Novlek Hardwood clips

Packing 185 pieces for about 12 m2 area
Package Contents 185 pieces clips, 200 pcs screws, 1pc bit, 3 pcs spacers, 12 Ipe plugs

Masterbox Packaging 450 pieces for about 27 m2
Package Contents 450 pieces clips, 500 pcs screws, bit 5 pcs, 8 pcs spacers, 100 Ipe plugs

The fastener can be used with the majority of wood species and composites for outdoor decks, regardless of length. With the hardWood Clip™ system, boards can be installed horizontally or vertically. It can be used for architectural, as well as indoor and outdoor projects, such as terrace flooring, decks, pool decks, siding, wall and ceiling applications, flooring for shower rooms, spas, planters, benches, etc.

HardWood Clip™ is a quick and easy-to-install hidden fastening system that reduces your (non-structural) wood deck construction time by at least 30% to 40%.

The SPAX® self-tapping screw eliminates the pre-drilling and countersinking of screw holes required in traditional installations with visible screws. It even works with hardwood decks made from exotic species (ipe, cumaru, teak, bankirai, padouk, etc.).

The groove profile of boards is simple. It can be cut in a workshop along the full length of the board or during installation using a Lamello® type groove cutter at each point where the boards are fastened to the joists.

The spacer integrated into the fastener guarantees automatic and even board spacing.

What makes the hardWood Clip™ fastening system so unique is the fact that boards are screwed down to the joist at a 45° angle. This method firmly immobilizes them, which stiffens and secures the decking.

The other side of the board moves freely so it can contract or expand as needed without compromising the wood, while ensuring constant and even deck board spacing over time.

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