Western Red Cedar - Clear grade siding

Western Red Cedar - Clear grade siding

Size: 17x136x1800-5700 mm  ( width 136 mm is presented including tonge )
Western Red Cedar siding, KD, tongue and groove, clear grade selection

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  • Price without VAT 62,76 € / m²
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Photogallery Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar Pechar

Western Red Cedar Pechar

Western Red Cedar Pechar

Western Red Cedar Pechar

Western Red Cedar Pechar

Size: 17x136x1800-5700 mm ( width size 136 mm is presented inc. tongue ) 

Western Red Cedar is a legend among the trees and thanks to its unique properties, it is best for siding project. No twisting, high stability, long life, beautiful scent, resistance to weather and insects, it is only a fraction of its unique properties, which have been known for generations.
Clear grading  siding, T/G, one of the finest woods in the world, imported from Canada, Vancouver,

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Dimensional Stability

Western Red Cedar has twice the stability of most commonly available softwoods. The stability is a result of its low density and shrinkage factors. It lies flat, stays straight, and holds fastenings tightly.


Western Red Cedar produces long, lightweight lengths of timber with a fine, straight grain and uniform texture that make it easy to cut, saw and nail with common tools. These features also contribute to its ability to be planed to a smooth surface or machined to any pattern. The lack of pitch and resin allows Western Red Cedar to hold glue bonds from a wide range of adhesives and provide a firm base for many types of paints and stains.

Natural Preservative

Western Red Cedar is one of the worlds most durable woods. Natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage has long made Western Red Cedar the premier choice for either interior or exterior home use. Cedar fibers in the heartwood contain natural preservatives that are toxic to decay-causing fungi. The two principal extractives that are responsible for the decay resistance are Thujaplicans and water-soluble phenolics. The trees ability to produce these extractives increases with age, making the outer regions of heartwood the most durable.

Flame Spread and Smoke Development Ratings

Western Red Cedar has flame spread and smoke development classifications that are superior to the minimums set by most building codes, which permit the use of cedar heartwood without preservative treatments.


Western Red Cedar is one of the few wood species that are naturally at home in the outdoors. Properly finished, Western Red Cedar will last for decades, even in harsh environments. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage make it the ideal choice for a surface that is exposed to sun, rain, heat and cold all year round.


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