Canadian Douglas Fir

Canadian Douglas Fir

Canadian Douglas Fir imported from brithish British Columbia.
Sizes: 38x89x3600-6100 and 38x184x3600-6100 mm

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Dougles Fir photogallery

Douglas Fir decking

Douglas Fir decking

Douglas Fir decking

Douglas Fir decking

Douglas Fir decking

Canadian Douglas Fir

Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is Canada’s largest conifer and the tree that first made British Columbia famous as a producer of exceptionally fine timber. It is found throughout the southern half of the province extending into south-western Alberta. The species reaches its northern limit near the Queen Charlotte Islands. It grows to its magnificent best on the coast in fairly deep, moist sites where it comprises about 10% of the forest. A dominant species with a distinctive thick reddish-brown bark, Douglas fir often grows in pure stands. The tall, branch-free trunk of larger trees yields fine-grained Clear timber in long lengths as well as Factory grades for remanufacture and a wide range of high strength structural products.
Forest fires historically cleared the soil for Douglas fir, which are among the first trees to grow in a newly open area. Today, modern forest stewardship practices help provide a natural environment for the young Douglas fir to thrive and regenerate.

Sizes and profile

38x89x3660-6100 mm
38x184x3660-6100 mm
KD, S4S, E4E, eased edges, high quality Japan grading

Strength and durability

The strongest of British Columbia’s family of fine softwoods, Douglas fir is characterized by strength, stiffness and durability.
The narrow sapwood is light in color, while the wider and more durable heartwood ranges from yellowish to reddish brown. Spring and summerwood
have a pronounced difference in color, with the summerwood having darker and more sharply defined bands. This difference in color results in a distinctive grain pattern when the log is flat-sawn. Douglas fir seasons well and rapidly, dries evenly and remains straight and true with negligible checking or distortion. The wood is stable in use and has good decay resistance in its natural state.

Wide range of uses

A widely used structural timber Douglas fir has many uses and is a widely specified structural timber, well regarded by engineers and builders,
especially for structural components and heavy timber applications. It is also used extensively for pilings, railway ties, sawmill and warehouse construction and numerous other areas where structural performance is paramount. A framing lumber for both light and heavy construction, Douglas fir can be counted on as strong, stiff, stable wood. Because of Douglas fir’s high strength and good gluing characteristics, it is commonly used in the manufacture of glued-laminated beams for a variety of structures, including arenas, pools, churches and supermarkets.The surface appearance and easy-working properties of Douglas fir are appropriate to the manufacture of window and door frames, mouldings,cabinets and other joinery. The hardness and strength of Douglas fir add the dimension of durability. Industrial applications, including tanks, vats and other storage containers are also prime applications for Douglas fir because of its high resistance to corrosion as well as its structural performance. Its stability and workability make it also in demand for the manufacture of industrial component parts.

Physical Properties

Density (air dry average): 540 kg/m3
Specific gravity (oven dry average): 0.51
Modulus of elasticity: 13 500 MPa
Modulus of rupture: 88.6 MPa


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