Joist Pine Thermowood

Joist Pine Thermowood

Size: 42x66x3000-4200 mm
Pine Thermowood joists for siding and decking instalation.

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Joists made of Finnish pine Thermowood. Thermowood treatment procces ensure high stability and durability. This stable joists are suitable for siding and decking instalation.

ThermoWood is produced by treating it in temperature of 185 – 220 °C. Producing process is based on high temperature level and water steam. No chemicals are used. Thermo treatment gives the wood new, useful features.

The best and newest features on the outdoor products are the excellent resistance against decay and permeability, which increase the length of the use and durability.

Benefits to flooring are the beautiful colour and stability.
Forerunners in Parquet manufacturing have replaced tropical wood species with thermo treated ash and oak.

In the sauna the lack of resin, developed resistance of decay and warmth conductivity are very beneficial features.
Really hot battens do not feel as hot when they are made of ThermoWood. And on the other hand the floor does not feel cold under cold circumstances on bare skin when it is made of ThermoWood.
Carpenters know how useful the stability of ThermoWood is.
Surface treatment
In outdoor use, spaces without sealing, ThermoWood greys easily from the surface. To sustain the original colour and to avoid surface fractions finishing with UV- protection with ThermoWood tone of colour.
As cover paints all the same paints are suitable as when painting the normal wood.
Oil based finishing substances absorb to ThermoWood excellently and that is why they are good choice.
Absorption of water based finishing substances is slower, so substances with long drying time are recommended.

Processing ThermoWood
Fine outcome is reached with fit cutters. ThermoWood is slightly more fragile and dryer than normal wood, so risk of tearing has grown a bit when processing the wood in horizontal direction.
Planing of ThermoWood should be done with slower speed than planing of normal wood. Lack of resin eases the planing and grinding.
When processing ThermoWood you have to acknowledge two important factors:
  • Sharp tools should be used to achieve the best result
  • The dust that generates is really dry and fine, so use of respirators is much recommended and working space should have a proper dust removal system.

When using PVAc-clues it is recommended to have longer pressure and hardener times than with unprocessed wood, because water does not absorb as quickly into ThermoWood than it does to normal wood.
Polyurethane glues work well with ThermoWood. When using PU-glues, it has to be taken into account that the hardening reaction of PU needs water. Glues hardening with chemicals work with ThermoWood normally.

Mechanical joints
  • Screwing

The ThermoWood process can reduce splitting strength of the wood. The use of self-tapping screws or pre-drilling of holes must be made to avoid cracking of the material. It is recommended to use low threaded screws. It is very important to use stainless steel screws with countersunk heads for external usage or in other humid environments.

  • Nailing
Best results are gained when using a compressed air nail gun with adjustable nailing depth on the gun. Using a normal hammer increases risk of splitting due to accidental hammer contact with the wood.
Stainless steel or other rust free nails should be used when fixing ThermoWood outside or in humid conditions. It is also recommended to use small oval head nails as this also helps to reduce the risk of slitting.


ThermoWood is very eco-friendly and natural product. Only high temperature and water steam are used in the production process. Chemicals are not used in any stage. ThermoWood does not load the nature. In the end of its life cycle it can be disposed by burning or placing it into the normal waste system.


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