Masterdeck IPE decking

Masterdeck IPE decking

Ipe hardwood decking
Size: 21x145x1800-5700 mm
Profile: bothside smooth

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  • Price without VAT 87,50 € / m²
  • Price with VAT 105,88 € / m²

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Ipe hardwood decking photogallery

Ipe decking Masterdeck

Ipe decking Masterdeck

Ipe decking Masterdeck

Ipe decking Masterdeck

Ipe decking Masterdeck


Ipe, botanical name Tabebuia spp, is a South American hardwood, which belongs among the highest quality woods in the world for outdoor usage. Ipe is sometimes also called Brazilian walnut, has a beautifull grain, extreme hardness and high durability. Due to its high density provides high resistance and extreme hardness, is resistant to insects, termites, mold, rot and many types of acids. Ipe is also difficult to ignite.

Decking profile

Size 21x145x1800-5700 mm ( bothside smooth )

Technical data

Weight 1000 - 1300 kg / 1 m3


South and Central America


Very high hardness, higher shrinkage, low curvature, very long life, good flexibility, without the need for chemical treatment.

Colour and weathering

Light brown, red-brown to dark brown often with an olive green color. Color differences between pieces of planks are natural and normal.If the wood exposed to the weather, will occur over time to change their color to silver-gray. If you want to restore the original color of the wood, clean or refresh your terrace, use a professional wood brightener Saicos (nové okno) according to the technical data sheet. Then treat with a suitable protective carry oil paint.


Medium grade grade wood volume changes, low degree of curvature, small growth defects, slight splitering. Pre-drilling is required for screws fastening to prevent cracking. Wood that is exposed to outdoor weather conditions change volume and is likely to shrink or swell according to climate change. Tiny cracks, also cracks in the ends due to shrinkage varying according to the relative humidity or changes in climatic conditions.Ipe wood contains a dye which, after drying and flooding may occur in the form of yellowish powder.

Natural oils contend

Natural dye can flush out from the wood during a certain period  when wood is exposed to weather conditions for example rain, in the form of a brown liquid. Avoid contact with plaster, bricks and other engravings or floor covering, which could be stained. Secure rainwater pipe or sewer system in the event that the installation is carried out on floors or balconies. For installation use stainless steel screws only. Avoid contact wood with corrosive metal and iron objects which produce blue-black spots and stains, as well as substances and articles causing corrosion.

Care and maintenance

Clean your deck regulary, keep it out of dirt, soil, sediments and pollen. This prevents the penetration of dirt macropores into the wood. The black dirt stains can occure under objects like umbrellas stands, flower pots, bowls, mats and other where water and hight moisture can stand without proper air ventilation.Therefore carry these objects time to time and ensure natural drying and ventilation. This helps to avoid creating of dark spots on the wood.

Read technical and installation information

Check our decking catalogue for many valuable informations and advices about our complete decking program, wood properties, methods of installation, etc. If you would like to have the catalog in printed version, contact us for sending.

Catalog in PDF download here katalog teras (nové okno)


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