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Aspen sauna profiles

We specialize in direct import from the Finnish manufacturer Karava. Wood paneling provides an easy way to add a warm touch to both traditional and modern interiors and create the mood you want. Wood always has a heart, a soul and a story. Let us know what kind of story you want to tell. We'll tell you how to bring it to life. What does the sauna of your dreams look like? We provide individual, high-quality solutions at competitive prices.

8 items
Aspen STP 15x90 mm sauna profiles
Aspen Kallio 15x90 mm sauna profiles
Aspen Kallio 15x120 mm sauna profiles
Aspen Kallio Groove 15x90 mm sauna profiles
Aspen Vuono 26x88 mm sauna profiles
Aspen SHP 28x90 mm sauna bench profile
Aspen Cove molding 21x21 mm sauna profiles
Aspen edge molding 24x24 mm sauna profiles