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ThermoWood exterior cladding

Our company has been one of the traditional importers and distributors of thermally modified wood in the Czech Republic for many years, the original ThermoWood from the Finnish manufacturers Karava and HJT-Holz. In addition to importing lumber and planed profiles from Finland, we also provide industrial production of planed profiles from certified ThermoWood here in the Czech Republic. ThermoWood is a registered trademark owned by the ITWA International Association. The ThermoWood trademark is a trademark for wooden products manufactured using a process developed in Finland.

19 items
Thermowood Rhombus profile 20x67 mm
Thermowood Rhombus profile 26x68 mm
Thermowood Rhombus profile 20x90 mm
Thermowood Rhombus profile 19x140 mm
Thermowood Rhombus profile 18x185 mm
ThermoWood pine profile 19x90 mm
ThermoWood pine profile 19x117 mm
ThermoWood pine profile 19x140 mm
ThermoWood profile 19x185 mm
Thermowood profile 42x140 mm
ThermoWood V-Joint T/G cladding 19x90 mm
ThermoWood Trapez T/G cladding 19x90 mm
ThermoWood V-Joint T/G cladding 19x140 mm
Thermowood cladding Trapez 19x140 mm
Thermowood V-Joint cladding 18x185 mm
Thermowood cladding Trapez 18x185 mm
Thermowood profile 42x68 mm
Thermowood profile 42x42 mm
Thermowood profile 26/40x42 mm