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Tools and accessories

We offer a wide program of professional accessories for assembly and maintenance. The assortment includes products for the preparation and leveling of underlying structures, tools for drilling and assembling terraces, as well as products for the treatment and treatment of wood. These products represent the world's best in the given segment and include only time-proven quality products from global manufacturers. With our accessory system, you will achieve the best results when building your terrace.

13 items
Novlek spacers 5 mm
Smart bit
Smart bit
Novlek ventilation shims 100 pcs
Wurth D4 transparent PUR glue 500g
Wooden plugs
Step drill for wooden concealed-head plugs
Cobra wrench straightener tool
Makita joiner - rentals
Step drill bit for decking
Board Clamp Novlek
Isolation shims Novlek 25 pcs
Protective bituminous tape