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Canadian larch cladding profiles

The Canadian larch, botanically known as Larix occidentalis, is the largest of the larch species. It grows in the south of Canada in British Columbia, along the eastern slopes of the North Cascades further in the USA in Washington and Oregon. Canadian larch wood is durable, strong and hard, and its lumber is used for a variety of construction joinery and carpentry products. Canadian larch trees reach a height of up to 60 meters with a trunk diameter of up to 2 meters. It grows in a relatively humid and cold climate zone, thanks to which there are small increments of annual rings and higher wood density.

7 items
Canadian larch 26x45 mm
Canadian larch 40x70 mm
Canadian larch planks 19x68 mm
Canadian larch planks 19x90 mm
Canadian larch planks 19x140 mm
Canadian larch Rhombus 19x68 mm
Canadian larch Rhombus 19x90 mm