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Cobra Hybrid clips

Product code: klip-cobra

Cobra Hybrid mounting clips are high-quality clips for installing solid composite deck on wooden or aluminum sub-profiles

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Detailed Description

Cobra Hybrid mounting clips

The Cobra Hybrid fastening system is a high-quality coupling for the so-called invisible connection. They are affordable and elegant. The Cobra Hybrid Clips are supplied with screws and are intended for the installation of full composite decking. The package contains 90 clips including screws, depending on the layout of the underlying prisms, it is enough for a 3.7 - 4.5 m2 terrace. Cobra Clips are high quality connectors for an invisible connection, affordable and elegant. Cobra clips allow easy replacement in the middle of the deck on deck boards with a longitudinal side groove without the need to disassemble the other boards. The Cobra Hybrid 8-18 clips are made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic, which prevents light reflections. The sharp stainless steel claws on the underside of the clip effectively hold the boards to the beam.


Clip material: A2 stainless steel (class 304) + Polyamide - Nylon
Screw material: C1 stainless steel (class 410) with black surface treatment
Screw size: 4.5x30 mm
Packaging: 90 clips, 90 screws, 1x torx bit

Specification points

Video how to install deck with Cobra Hybrid clips

Cobra clips for hidden connection

Cobra clips have been designed for the installation of wooden and composite terraces and are constantly being improved for the changing needs and requirements of the materials used. The Cobra invisible clip system is simple, economical and quick to install. Developed in collaboration with the French institute Lille Mechanical laboratory (France). Cobra clips concealed fasteners are uniquely aligned stainless steel with a black oxide coating to prevent glare. This patented clip offers a simple, efficient, aesthetic and cost-effective terrace installation solution.

Advantages of Cobra clips

Highly corrosion resistant (made of stainless steel), Cobra ® fasteners are mechanically strong and can withstand extreme temperatures, salt, detergents, chlorine and are resistant to permanent moisture.


Their surface is made of black oxide with a cover foil that prevents light reflection

Easy and fast installation

Cobra connecting clips reduce the installation time of the terrace by at least 30%, compared to the traditional method of screwing from above.
Beauty and safety:

No screw heads with imperfect appearance and layout, no danger to bare feet, and no further splitting and cracking of the wood at the ends of the boards due to splitting.

Practical and exchangeable

Each package contains a special bit for attaching clips with screws between the joints of the terrace boards. Special thin bits allow easy access to the screw from above and its possible replacement of the terrace board without the need to disassemble a larger area of ​​the terrace.


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