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Saicos Universal Impregnation 9004

Product code: Saicos-impregnace-0,125

Saicos Universal Impregnation, the all-rounder in the field of wood impregnation



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Detailed Description

Saicos Universal Impregnation 9004, pack 2,5 litre

Wood impregnation is essential, especially outdoors. It gives the wood the necessary tools to protect itself against the weather: This Universal Impregnation makes the wood water-repellent: Pores close so that neither moisture nor pests can penetrate into the wood. In order to ensure constant wood protection, wood that is always outside should be impregnated regularly.


Packing: 2,5 litre
Consuption: approx 5 m2 / 1 litre (12,5 m2/ 2,5 litre)
Drying time: approx 4-6 hours


Wood protection for outdoor areas
Wood impregnation against blue stain, rotting and wood-destroying insects
Makes wood water-repellent and reduces swelling and shrinkage of the wood
For use under all water and oil-based SAICOS exterior paints - can also be used in indoor areas

Can be used under water and oil-based paints

Whether for professionals or hobbyists - SAICOS Universal Impregnation scores points with its easy workability. This wood impregnation is water-based, high-quality wood protection for outdoors. Once applied, the wood impregnation provides optimal protection and provides an important property: The surface becomes almost water-repellent. Moisture in wood is the biggest problem when it comes to protecting garden furniture or other outdoor wood against weather with wood impregnation. Once the moisture in the wood, it can swell and shrink. The result: The wood tears. A wood impregnation product reduces this process and not only makes the material water-repellent, but it also acts against blue stain, rotting and wood-damaging insects. Thanks to the sophisticated recipe, wood impregnation can be used under both water-based and oil-based SAICOS paints. A product with which you can play it safe in any case.

Protection against moisture

In order to protect wood against the effects of weather and moisture, it is advisable to impregnate it. It should be noted that 100% protection cannot be achieved. Wood is a natural material that "lives" to a certain extent: The protection wears off at different speeds depending on how much the wood is exposed to wind and weather. However, reliable protection and appropriate care and impregnation can significantly increase the lifespan of the wood.



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