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FixMat Sound 2.1 SD, professional underlay

Product code: Podlozka_FixMat-sound

FixMat Sound 2.1 SD is professional floor mat with integrated vapor-proof foil for laminated wood floors and laminate floors.

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Detailed Description

FixMat Sound 2.1 SD a professional undelay mat. Roll 7,5 m2

Floor mat with integrated vapor-proof foil for wooden engineered and laminated floors. While maintaining the correct ratios of density and thickness of the mat, it was possible to design an ecological product that optimally meets all the requirements for a high-quality product.

Basic technical parameters for engineered floors:

Sound insulation ~ 19 * dB
Thermal resistance ~ 0.009 m2K/W
With integrated vapor barrier (after gluing with aluminum tape / free in the package)
Non-flammability class (flame retardant - for construction works) - BflS1


The FixMat Sound 2.1SD is a high quality, eco-friendly product made from up to 90% natural minerals and polyurethane binders. The product is free of plasticisers, asbestos, formaldehyde, halogens, and heavy metals. It meets the guidelines of the  FrenchAFSSET A+ regarding the requirements of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The product has the “BLUE ANGEL” label - an eco-label confirming that it is safe for the environment and people.


The high content of the mineral raw materials make the underlayment a high flame retardant class BflS1 „non-flammable”, which means that it can be used in public facilities.


Thanks to its unique structure, the underlay adapts perfectly to the substrate and the board, thus providing acoustic comfort comparable to that achieved with glued floor: • Acoustically isolates up to 19dB – perfectly soundproofs footsteps heard in rooms below it turns high, tiresome sounds into low and pleasant to the ear. • Improves acoustics by approx. 30% – reduces flooring sounds heard indoors, e.g., footsteps


Thanks to the high density of 860 kg/m3, we obtain excellent thermal conductivity. The underlay is ideal to install in rooms where underfloor heating is used, as the heat resistance coefficient is only 0.009 [m2 K/W]. It doesn’t block heat. This is the best parameter among the underlays offered on the market for soundproofing wooden floorings. Low heat resistance means that it can also be used on the floor’s cooling systems.


Moreover, the mat is integrated with the vapour barrier. No additional film is needed. That allows you to save one step in the installation process. Just join the mat edges with the metallised tape. In this way, the flooring is protected against moisture from the substrate. A roll of tape (38 mm x 20 m) is located in the middle of each underlay package.


Thanks to its high density, the underlay has a high resistance to static as well as to dynamic loads; it does not change its properties over the years. This is particularly important for the safety and protection of the lockings joints used on the glue-free board joints.


The highest resistance to dynamic loads on the market. The base material of the mat is made of durable raw material; it does not oxidise and does not change its properties - the life span calculated on the basis of min. 30 years*. 30 years* – Barlinek’s internal research in laboratory conditions has proven  that the use of the FixMat SOUND has an effective outcome on the usability and durability of a wooden floor.


Specification points

Technical information

Material ECO - eco fiber + PU / minerals + ALU foil (up to 93% of natural ingredients: rapeseed, castor oil) and mineral fillers, is ecological, recyclable and can be disposed of with municipal waste.
Increases acoustic comfort - a high level of floor clearance in the room
Very low thermal resistance / perfectly conducts heat (savings on heating)
Very high load resistance factor - for rooms with heavy traffic.
2 in 1 - base with integrated vapor barrier (after gluing with aluminum tape - in a set of 20 m)

Basic technical parameters (according to tests on the Barlinek board):
Thickness 2.15 mm
Substrate leveling ~ 1 mm
Surface weight 1.85 kg / m2
Soundproofing ~ 19 dB *
Acoustic improvement ~ 30% *
Thermal resistance ~ 0.009 m2K/W
With integrated vapor barrier insulation
Load / pressure resistance (protection of our locks) 22 t / m2
Flammability class (fire resistant - for investment objects) Bfl-S1
Size of the pad after roll unpacking: 7.5x1 m
Roll content: 7.5 m2



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