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Pacific Island, Vinyl flooring Barlinek, Rich Line 31

Product code: Barlinek_Next_Step_1V2000005

Luxury vinyl flooring Barlinek
Size: 4,2x180x1220 mm
Rich Line 31

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27.83 €  / m² Price without VAT:
33.67 €  / m²
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Detailed Description

Pacific Island, vinyl flooring Barlinek Rich Line 31

Next Step vinyl floors are characterized by exceptional durability - this is guaranteed by the Eco Stone core, which is made of 100% favorable components. The floor constructed in this way has excellent stability and does not deform due to temperature.


Total thickness: 4.2 mm
Board width: 180 mm
Length: 1220 mm
Top layer thickness: 0,3 mm
Durability class: 23/31
Construction: heterogeneous PVC, highly durable PUR Diamond Shield surface
Upper protective layer: Diamond shield with increased resistance
Utility layer: waterproof transparent vinyl with wood structure
Derocative layer: high-resolution wood reproduction
Core board: rigid mineral core Eco Stone, with very high heat resistance, waterproof
Beveling: microbevel 4x
Surface texture: embosed
Joint connection: click 2G
Suitable for hot water underfloor heating: yes
Package: 2,635 m2
Package weight: 21.83 kg

Specification points

Perfect reproduction of nature

It is nature and the surrounding world that dictate the character of this collection, because as wood specialists we know that only what is natural is always fashionable and stylish. You will find realistic wooden patterns created by nature on these floors.

Stable construction

Next Step vinyl floors are characterized by exceptional rigidity - this is guaranteed by the Eco Stone mineral core, which is made from 100% favorable components. The floor designed in this way achieves excellent stability and does not deform due to temperature. The maximum area on which you can lay the floor is up to 225 m2 !!

Resistant to intensive use

Higher than standard resistance to micro-scratches caused by dust, moving furniture or wheelchairs. The floors are also suitable for rooms such as a hall, hallway or exit to the terrace. It is characterized by unusual durability thanks to the Diamond Shield coating.

For underfloor heating

The Eco Stone mineral core is responsible for very good thermal conductivity parameters - the floors heat up quickly and cool down slowly. This is therefore the best solution for use in rooms where underfloor heating is planned.

100% Waterproof

Modern vinyl floors are the perfect solution for rooms where water comes into contact most often. By choosing Next Step, you can choose from a wide range of colors, while you can be sure that splashes or spills are not terrible. An elegant bathroom or kitchen complemented by our floors represents beauty and style that will last for years.


Why? As it is a zero-emission product. What does it mean? That all components used in the manufacture of floors are subject to strict testing procedures with regard to phthalate emissions, as well as heavy metal emissions. The production of modern vinyl floors is a very advanced technology that meets the strictest regulations regarding production using vinyl. What do you get? The product is completely safe and favorable for you and all members of the household.

Warm to the touch

The outer layer of transparent vinyl is warm and pleasant to the touch. The installation of such floors increases the comfort of the environment and adds charm to the interior. The feeling of coziness is now ensured by modern vinyl floors with a perfect reproduction of the wood pattern. Next Step is a perfect combination of nature and operational safety for many years. Thanks to them, your interiors will become more beautiful.

Quiet floor

We know how to ensure the comfort of use, which is why we have made sure that our floors are exceptionally quiet. Modern Next Step vinyl floors do not knock or transmit sounds - you don't have to walk on tiptoes when your children sleep sweetly. This is guaranteed by the flexible structure of the vinyl top layer, which retains the highest durability parameters, and the specially selected Next Step Extreme cushioning base. You can walk as you please, but your steps will be gentle and will not bother anyone.

Safe for children

Each of us dreams of creating a home that is safe for us and our children. At the same time, we want it to be a place that relaxes creativity and ensures free development. Vinyl panels therefore mean security and calm, as well as softness to the touch and a pleasant temperature for those whose life takes place on the floor. And because hygiene is an essential element of the children's environment, we have also made sure that Next Step floors are a guarantee of cleanliness.

Pet friendly

We know that the love of pets is immeasurable and that they are members of our families. When choosing modern vinyl floors, you can therefore be sure that we have taken care of this for you - the floor is scratch-resistant and has a high chemical resistance index. This makes vinyl floors ideal for rooms where pets are welcome. You don't even have to worry about cleaning - Next Step floors can be cleaned easily and often!

Quick renovation

Modern vinyl floors are suitable for quick renovation like no other, and what's more - on almost any type of substrate! It owes this to its rigid core and super strong locks connecting the panels. Vinyl panels with Eco Stone core do not have a telegraphic effect - they do not reflect the unevenness of the substrate. In conjunction with the specially selected EXTREME 1.5 damping substrate, they eliminate most of the unevenness and imperfections of the substrate. If you want to lay a new floor on ceramic tiles, wooden floors, cement or anhydrite floors or on existing elastic floor coverings - this is now possible without removing the substrate.


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