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WRCLA - Western Red Cedar Lumber Assosiation

Western Red Cedar - Western Red Cedar is one of the highest quality conifers in the world, which is recognized for its appearance, toughness, low weight, insulating properties and dimensional stability. It will give your home a character and level that other paneling can't match. Our company has been one of the largest importers and distributors of western red cedar in the Czech Republic for many years. We import both cedar lumber and finished products from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In the Czech Republic, we provide both lumber distribution and industrial production and processing of red cedar. In addition to our business activities, we also provide an education and counseling program related to Western Red Cedar. We have published translations of many technical publications on western red cedar, its proper use, assembly, use and care. Every year, we present our clients with new editions of The Cedar Book, published by the Canadian WRLCA, dedicated to the world's most interesting projects made of western red cedar.

In year 2008, we were accepted as the only company in the Czech Republic to join the Canadian WRCLA - Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association is an association based in Vancouver, Canada, representing Western Red Cedar wood products manufacturers in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Founded in 1954 and known as the "voice of the cedar industry," WRCLA operates customer service programs in Canada and the United States to promote its members' western red cedar products by information, education, and quality standards. Over the years, WRCLA has strived to make Western red cedar as user-friendly as possible by producing and processing it to uniform standards and providing the construction industry with the information it needs about WRCLA cedar products, their specifications and proper use. WRCLA's activities also include programs focused on product quality and standards, as well as research and development of new products.