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Rayab, old wood decorative wall panels

Product code: rayab

Interior wooden decorative wall panels Rayab. Hand-made 3D panels with heavy embossed surface structure.

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Detailed Description

Rayab - old wood decorative wall panels

Product name: Rayab
Size: 18x180x495 mm
Used wood: teak, acacia, saman
Botanical name: Tectona grandis, Akasia mangium, Saman samanea
Origin: Indonesia
Recycled wood: yes
Usage: interior wall decoration panells
Packing: paper box
Pcs per pack: 11 pcs
Box contend: 0,99 m2
Box weight: approx 11 kg

Specification points

Rayab - product overview

Wooden decorative 3D panels are a new trend in wall covering design. We import panels from Indonesia made of combination rare teak wood, acacia, mahogany, saman. The wall panels offer beautiful, elegant, rustic-look with a rough embossed surface that adds a stylish touch to your interior. Wooden tiles are designed for both residential and commercial design. Interior handmade tiles with a very coarse relief structure creating a three-dimensional effect. These beautiful wooden tiles are made of old wood and spice of true Teak and other rare woods. Tiles are made of recycled rare tropical wood of genuine old Teak, Mahagony, Acacia and Saman from old buildings, temples, houses, boats and old pechar_czs. All these tropical woods provides excellent properties, high durability and long life time. A very rough embossing structure, insect holes, spruce spikes, cracks are typical for this wooden tiles product. The boards are glued to panels for easy installation and the ends are terminated by irregular teeth or connections to minimize visible length connections.


Rayab - wooden 3D decorative panels are designed for interior use for both residential and commercial design. Interior hand-clad tiles with embossed rough structure, creating a three-dimensional effect are made of old recycled wood and a precious pechar_czs. For this product is used combination of tropical recycled woods of real Teak, Acacia and Saman. The interior cladding is characterized by a rough relief structure, insect holes, cracks. The boards are glued to the panel format for easy installation and the ends are finished with a Z profile connection which minimizes the visible length connection. Wood is a natural material where each piece is a unique original with a unique texture. The samples shown are indicative of the products supplied.


Rayab - technical sheet pdf (110.28 Kb)


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