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Additives for Saicos Hard Wax Oil Premium

Product code: 3240-aditivum-0,75

Additives for Saicos Hard Wax Oil Premium


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Detailed Description

Additives for Saicos Premium hard wax oil

Improve the properties of an already perfect coating. Do you need to achieve an even higher anti-slip R10 on stairs, for example? Is it necessary to accelerate drying to increase the resistance of the coating for extremely trafic areas? It is necessary to increase and extend protection against UV radiation in sun-exposed areas. No problem with the new premium additives for Saicos Premium hard wax oils.

Types of additives and their properties

Simply add and mix one of the ingredients into the coating and you're done. The new system of additives for Saicos hard wax oils is prepared in 3 options according to your requirements, which expand the properties of Saicos hard wax oil.

R10 anti-slip additive product No. 3240

This additive increases the slip resistance of the coating from R9 to R10. It is intended for places. where an increase in the anti-slip surface is required. Premium Additive Anti-Slip R10 in Saicos Premium Hardwax-Oil provides a non-slip surface that can be walked on with smooth shoe soles or socks.

UV resistance increase, product No. 3242

Significantly increases resistance to UV radiation and color changes of wood. It works against natural color changes caused by UV radiation.
The wood is exposed to the sun every day. If Ecoline UV Protection is not applied as a precaution, UV rays will change its color in the long term. We recommend adding Premium hard wax oil to Saicos so that you can enjoy the original color of your floor for longer. Because this reduces the natural discoloration of the wood due to exposure to light.

Hardener and drying accelerator, product No. 3243

For faster drying and higher durability. Construction sites often work under time pressure and special climatic conditions. We therefore recommend Premium Additive Hardener 2K to complete the coating in just one day. Allows faster drying and higher final hardness. This hardener can also be used for Saicos hard wax oil Premium and Saicos Ecoline Oil Ground Coat. With this additive, the surface can be used earlier and a greater final hardness and increased resistance to abrasion is achieved.


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