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Bamboo solid flooring Victoria

Product code: victoria-bambus

solid flooring, T&G,
size: 15x96x960 mm

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45.40 €  / m²
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Detailed Description

Bamboo solid flooring

Victoria's bamboo flooring are synonymous with the highest quality of workmanship and great look. Precise production quality is demonstrated by seamless and easy installation, high durability and long lifetime. Victoria's bamboo flooring uses a selected chinese mountain bamboo for its products. Although the bamboo strains have reached the required heights in just a few months, Victoria has been growing for 5 or more years to produce bamboo floors. This is a guarantee of sufficient maturation of bamboo, its high hardness and color stability. Most products are intend for the EU, US, Canada, and Japan markets.


Size: 15x96x960 mm
Specie: bamboo
Botanical name: Phyllostachys edulis
Origin: China

Moiser contend: 7-11%
Density: 700 ± 50 kg/m3
Construction: solid flooring
Connection: tongue and groove on all sides
Coating: Industrial UV curred oil Loba
Beveling: 4x
Brushing: no
Pattern: vertical
Colors: light ( Blond ) and carbonized ( Brown )
Suitability for underfloor water heating: yes
Rection to fire: Dfl s1
Formaldehyde: E1
Packaging: foiled and packed in paper box
Pallet contend: 32 boxes = 70,72 m2
Box contend: 24 boards = 2,21 m2

Specification points

Technical informations

Technical information and lots of valuable advice on hardwood floors are available here (Czech language version only).

About bamboo

For the production of our Victoria bambu floors, a giant type of bamboo, the botanical name Phyllostachys edulis, also known as moso or mao-zhu bamboo, is used. It is a temperate species of giant woody bamboo native to China and Taiwan and naturalized elsewhere, including Japan, where it is widely distributed from southern Hokkaido to Kagoshima.  Bamboo is an environmentally friendly product and is suitable for ecologically responsible green buildings. Select high-altitude Chinese bamboo is used for the production of Victoria bamboo floors. Although bamboo trunks reach the desired height within a few months, they are allowed to grow further for 5 years or more to produce Victoria flooring. This is a guarantee of sufficient maturation, hardening and strengthening of the walls of the bamboo trunks, its high hardness and color fastness. For the production of our floors, the lower part of the trunk is used up to a height of approx. 2.5 meters above the pechar_czs, which guarantees sufficient strength of the trunk wall and its final strength.

Color options, natural and carbonized

Victoria's bamboo floors are produced in two color options. In a natural light shade called Blond and in a dark brown Brown. The color of the darker Brown shade is produced by a special method of thermal modification using high temperature. In this process carbonization, uniform coloring is achieved in the whole board thickness.

Vertical board construction, hardness and stability

Bamboo floors are usually made in two types of construction, vertical and horizontal. However, Victoria's bamboo floors are only available in a vertical design, due to their significantly better properties than horizontal construction. In the production of vertical bamboo, the thin strips are placed vertically, giving the floor a very gentle and elegant look. Thin slices of bamboo glued under high pressure are glued to each other in height. This provides vertical construction with high shape stability with low response to possible changes in humidity. Vertical bamboo provides extreme hardness, elasticity, compressive strength, durability with long life.

The surface protected with UV oil

Surface treatment of the parquet protects from external influences and provides the floor with protection against abrasion by means of a protective layer.Floors are therefore protected from dirt, which makes it easy and simple to maintain and ensures long service life. Victoria Bamboo floors are coated with UV oil by German Loba brand. Loba UV hardened oil provides high resistance to abrasion and dirt, while providing a simple and easy-to-use grip. The entire parquet flooring is also impregnated to protect the floor structure from all sides, which reduces the absorption of moisture from the surrounding area into the wood. The floor is no longer required to be treated or painted after installation and ready for immediate use.

Bamboo Eco-friendly product

Bamboo is a highly eco-friendly product with a relatively fast recovery and rapid reforestation. Growth of bamboo strains to their mining and processing is very fast compared to wood, and on average only 10 years. Rocking and processing bamboo strains does not end the plant's life cycle, but new shoots start to grow rapidly from the pechar_cz system and rapid plant regeneration takes place. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly product and is suitable for ecologically responsible green buildings.

Bamboo, antibacterial and hypo-allergenic

Bamboo naturally contains antibacterial substances that are capable of destroying bacteria, microbes and preventing their formation. This is especially caused by the ingredients contained in lignin. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, which means less allergenic to sensitive individuals.


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