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Berner stainless steel screws C1

Product code: vruty-berner-3,2x35

Berner stainless steel screws C1 for wooden decking


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Detailed Description

Berner stainless steel C1 screws

High-strength stainless steel screws, designed for the installation of wooden terraces and facade cladding to wooden base prisms. The screws are specially designed and manufactured for the installation of outdoor terrace decks, especially from tropical woods. The body of the screw is equipped with a double pitch and the head is equipped with a Torx head called an asterisk for the strongest bit attachment.

Specification points

Areas of application

Carpenters, joiners, roofers, manufacturers of prefabricated components for wooden buildings, facade cladding, balconies, fences, playground equipment, wooden terraces, etc. Especially suitable for screwing into hardwood.

Product advantages

They prevent the formation of rust and provide 60% higher strength compared to conventional A2 stainless steel screws.
High quality stainless martensitic steel, class C1
Optically pleasant surface without cracks
Small 60 ° decorative head
Time- and energy-saving screwdriving
Drill bit / milling ribs: reduced insertion resistance (approx. 40%)
Secure and durable mounting
With partial thread: Screwing on 2 wooden parts without tension

Installation information

Drill bit screws are not intended for use with dowels
Wood with a density ≥ 500 kg / m³ (eg Bangkirai)
should be pre-drilled with a thread 0.6–0.8 x the diameter of the screw
For contact with acids or salty enviroment is recommended to use screws A2 or A4.
For mounting on terraces: Recommended screw diameter 5.0 mm
Distance between wooden planks ≥ 7 mm
Distance between individual pairs of screws ≤ 40 cm


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