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Oak Kukenaam, hybrid flooring, Barlinek Next Step

Product code: Barlinek_Next_Step_Kukenaam

Oak Kukenaam, hybrid flooring Next Step
Size: 7x190x400-1200mm
Laquered surface, brushed, mineral core

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73.13 €  / m²
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Detailed Description

Oak Kukenaam, hybrid flooring Barlinek Next Step

Next Step hybrid floors are a collection where the tread layer is made of real wood and the core is made of mineral composite. The result of this construction are very durable,
durable and waterproof floors.


Total thickness: 7 mm
Upper wood veneer thickness: 1 mm
Mineral core thickness: 6 mm
Board width: 190 mm
Lengths: mix of lengths 400-1200 mm
Classification: Natural
Construction: hybrid - 6 mm mineral core with 1 mm upper wood veneer
Finish: Ultra Hard matt lacquer, hardened with Corundan
Phase: yes 4x
Surface structure: surface brushing
Connection: click 2G
Suitable for hot water underfloor heating: yes
Package content: 1,368 m2
Package weight: 18.6 kg

Specification points

Real wood, stone durability

Barlinek is constantly looking for solutions that are the safest for health and the environment. Next Step hybrid floors are a collection where the tread layer is made of real wood and the core is made of mineral composite. The result of this construction are very durable, durable and waterproof floors.

Wooden surface layer

The upper layer of floors is made of natural oak veneer. Our new products have all the advantages of wooden floors and at the same time ensure high durability. The wooden step veneer is equipped with a distinctive brushing of the surface - a modern method of emphasizing the beauty of natural wood - its annual rings and structure. The texture of the brushed floor is felt to the touch.

They are waterproof

Hybrid floors are resistant to spills and water splashes. They represent an excellent choice for the kitchen, hallway and even the bathroom and it is possible to lay uniform floors throughout the house. Waterproofing of the floor means that the product is not sensitive to temporary exposure to water. Detailed information can be found in the installation instructions, in the warranty card and in the document Conditions of use of lacquered floors Next Step.

Ultra hard varnish

The wooden top layer is covered with Ultra Hard varnish, which is very resistant to abrasion. For high durability, the coating consists of several layers of corundum (alumina) reinforced lacquer. Several layers of Corundan varnish contribute to the hardness of the entire ceramic coating, which protects the floor from wear even during intensive operation. Thanks to this, Barlinek Hybrid Boards can be used not only in residential areas, but also in hotels and other public places, such as offices and conference rooms. The structure of Ultra Hard varnish also reduces the risk of slipping in bathrooms, kitchens and bathroom rooms.


The floors are A + certified, which confirms very low VOC (Volatile Organic compouds) emissions. The core of the DENSCORETM board is a mineral mixture that does not contain any harmful phthalates and heavy metals.

Underfloor heating

The floors from the Next Step collection are ideal for underfloor heating and cooling systems. Thanks to the high heat transfer coefficient, they are ideal for the system

Quiet operation

The Hylinek hybrid board in combination with the sound-absorbing substrate Extreme 1.5 guarantees perfect sound attenuation.
It is also suitable for animals

Ultra Hard varnish and Denskortem core guarantee increased floor resistance to abrasion and scratches. All this is also a guarantee of easy maintenance of the apartment or house.

Clean and easy installation

Laying floors in a floating system does not require special equipment and does not generate unnecessary dust.

30-year extended warranty from the manufacturer Barlinek

Next Step hybrid floors are designed to last for many years while still having a nice appearance - especially with the use of Barlinek care products.


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