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Saicos Wash Care Oil 8144-8145

Product code: saicos-wasch-care-1

Cleans and maintains wooden, cork, and bamboo floors as well as table and work tops, furniture, panellings and other wooden objects. Removes even persistent stains, regenerates and protects the wood surface.


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Detailed Description

Saicos Wash Care Oil 8144-8145, intensive care for oiled surfaces

Wooden floors determine the atmosphere of every room and create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Everyday use will leave signs of wear and tear at some point. You should therefore give it some attention and care once a year.


Intensive against dirt, water-repellent, non-slip
Healthy and breathable
Saliva and sweat resistant
For oiled / waxed surfaces

Intensive care program for wooden floors

Well-maintained and protected floors thanks to liquid Saicos Wash Care Oil. Intensive oil takes care of heavily stressed oiled and waxed wooden surfaces. Simply pour a capful of oil onto the cleaned floor and spread it evenly using the Saicos Telescopic Mop. After about three hours with sufficient ventilation, the floor is dry again. The treatment is made from natural oils and waxes and is extremely breathable. Treated surfaces acquire a silky matte shine, are less susceptible to dirt and are non-slip.

Color card

Below you will find an indicative color range of manufactured shades.

Professional cleaning and treatment of wooden surfaces

Saicos Wash Care Oil easily removes stubborn stains, water stains, rubber sole marks, etc. It regenerates and protects heavily stressed oiled wooden and cork surfaces in the interior, creating a water-repellent surface that can be polished if necessary.



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