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Wide range of stock inventory

For more than 25 years, our family company has specialized in the direct import of wood products from all over the world and its subsequent wholesale distribution. We are a regular supplier for hundreds of wholesale customers from the construction and wood sector both in the country and abroad. In our wholesale warehouses in Prague, we keep a wide range in stock for the possibility of fast dispatch. Our warehouse program, with an average area of ​​around 50,000 m2, is regularly supplemented. The stock range includes an offer of wooden terraces in many types of both tropical and traditional wood species, composite wood-plastic terraces from the American manufacturer Fiberon, facade planed profiles and lumber from cedar, ThermoWood, Siberian larch and Canadian Douglas fir, wooden floors in solid and layered variants, interior designer tiles , wood coatings from the German manufacturer Saicos and a whole range of accessories and accessories for the assembly and renovation of wood.

Wood outdoor decking

We import a wide range of tropical and traditional woods under the registered brand Masterdeck. For more than 25 years, Masterdeck decking products have become a popular brand and synonymous with a high standard of quality. We cooperate with leading global producers meeting the requirements for high quality and legal wood origin. Our stock range of decking currently includes angelim amargoso, garapa, massaranduba, bangkirai, merbau, ipe, tatajuba, teak, Thermowood and Siberian larch and a wide range of accessories. Our wooden decking products range you can find in link here.

Fiberon composite decking

Our company is the exclusive importer and distributor of composite decking from the American producer Fiberon. Fiberon is a world leader in the segment of composite materials. We import Fiberon products from manufacturing facilities in the North Carolina, USA. Fiberon is one of the world's leading manufacturers and innovators in the segment of composite decking. All products are made in the USA. Fiberon currently sells its products in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, North, South and Central America and Australia. The range of Fiberon composite decking can be found here.

Wooden facade profiles and timber

In the segment of wooden facades and timber, we specialize in the four most durable soft woods in the world. Western red cedar, ThermoWood heat-modified wood, Siberian larch and true Canadian Douglas fir. We import these woods directly from production plants in Canada, Finland, Germany and Russia. In addition to commercial activity, we also provide custom production of profiles here in the Czech Republic. We are a regular supplier for hundreds of wholesale customers in the field of construction and woodworking in the field of profiles, both domestically and abroad. The assortment of facade profiles can be found here.

Interior flooring

We specialize in engineered and solid wooden flooring. However, the offer also includes vinyl and hybrid floors. We import engeneered flooring from Barlinek, one of the world's largest manufacturers, and we are one of the largest distributors of this brand in the Czech Republic. We import solid floors under the Victoria brand. We also cooperate with many domestic, Austrian and German manufacturers of solid floors and keep several thousand m2 of the best-selling types in stock. The assortment of interior floors can be found here.

Decorative wooden wall panels

Wood paneling is a new trend in paneling design and wall decoration. Rayab panels are made of a combination of rare wood species, teak, acacia and saman. These wooden tiles offer a beautiful and elegant wall treatment in a rustic look with a rough relief surface that will bring the stylish charm and energy of exotic landscapes to your interior. Rayab wooden tiles are intended for interior use in both residential and commercial design. Rayab tiles are characterized by a very rough relief structure that creates a three-dimensional effect. You can find wooden design tiles here.

Saicos wood coatings

We are the exclusive importer for the Czech Republic of products from the German manufacturer Saicos. The company Saicos Color Gmbh produces top-quality professional paints exclusively from natural vegetable oils and waxes. Coatings are of the highest quality, easy to apply, economical, good for wood, environmentally friendly. In this assortment, we keep in stock almost the entire production program of coatings and a spectrum of individual shades of coatings intended for both exterior and interior use. We also offer a range of coatings for wood treatment and renovation. The range of Saicos coatings can be found here.

Solidor height adjustable pedestals

Height-adjustable Solidor pedestals are a very useful solution when building your new terrace. They can be used wherever it is necessary to reach the required heights of the walking surface or to overcome unevenness. Solidor pedestals enable a working height of up to 1 meter and a static load of up to 1000 kg. In addition to outdoor use, they can also be used indoors, for example in the case of installing double wooden floors. Thanks to the extraordinary strength and the very resistant mixture of Polypropylene, they will withstand all weather conditions. The assortment of Solidor rectification targets can be found here.

Wide range of accessories

For Masterdeck terraces and FIberon composite terraces, we offer a wide program of professional accessories for assembly and maintenance. The assortment includes products for the preparation and leveling of underlying structures, tools for drilling and assembling terraces, as well as products for the treatment and treatment of wood. These products represent the world's best in the given segment and include only time-proven quality products from global manufacturers. With our accessory system, you will achieve the best results when building your terrace. You can find the range of accessories here.