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We import wood from all around the world

Wood and working with it have accompanied us for four generations since 1946. More than 25 years we have been specializing in the direct import and wholesale of wood from all over the world. We import wood products from productions in South America, Indonesia, Canada, the USA, Finland and other countries. We work directly with producers and sawmills, without additional intermediates that would increase input costs. We have been one of the leading importers and wholesalers of tropical timber in the Czech Republic for many years and we are a regular supplier to hundreds of wholesale customers in the construction and wood work companies in our contry and also abroad.
We have been members of the Canadian Timber Association WRCLA since 2008, based in Vancouver, Canada. More information about WRCLA you can find here.
We specialize in these products in the range of imported products. Wooden and composite terraces, facade wood cladding and lumber, wooden floors, professional Saicos wood coatings and we also offer a wide range of accessories.
We provide timber logistics from production plants through sea carriers to European ports, from where the products are imported by rail to our wholesale warehouses in Prague, from where they are distributed to our customers. Thanks to direct imports, we are able to offer some of the best prices on the market and at the same time oversee compliance with high quality standards. In our wholesale warehouses, we keep sufficient stocks for the possibility of fast distribution. We emphasize the high quality of our products as we put not only effort and joy into our work, but also our name. For more than 25 years, our company has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality wood products. More information here.