Douglas Fir 85/15

31.10.2021 06:48

Douglas Fir 85/15Canadian Douglas fir in classification 85/15

We are currently on the road and soon we will be able to offer you a real Canadian doglask in the premium Clear 85/15 classification with a mixed radial and tangential structure of annual rings. The 85/15 classification includes 85% of the Clear 2 class and 15% of the CLear3 classification. This is the highest premium classification of this unique tree species. Mining is carried out from old long-lived Douglas firs grown in British Columbia, Canada.

We import Douglas fir from British Columbia

Canadian Douglas fir (botanical name Pseudotsuga menziesii) is the second tallest coniferous tree in the world after evergreen redwood, which made British Columbia famous as an area with sources of exceptional quality wood. Douglas fir grows from the northern half of the province to northwestern Alberta and extends most north to the Queen Charlotte Islands. Tall Douglas fir trees with wide trunks with a small number of branches provide a fine-grained structure of pure wood in long lengths for production and a wide range of high-strength construction products.

Natural durability

Thanks to its comprehensive protective substances, Douglas firs provide natural resistance to decomposition and resistance to weathering. Due to this, according to the project and use, it is possible to leave this tree even without protective coatings. Thanks to its usability class, it can be used for outdoor projects without direct contact with the ground. Douglas fir turned out to be more than just good-looking wood. Its durability and resistance to rot and insects make it a popular choice for outdoor projects such as porches, terraces, facade cladding. It is also naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. To increase durability, the wood surface can be treated with a suitable water-repellent coating. You will achieve very good results with natural Saicos wood oils. Saicos oils can be selected from both colorless and colored pigmented shades with increased UV protection.

Wide range of usage

Douglas fir wood is widely used and is a long-term wood certified by designers and builders, especially for construction purposes. Due to its natural weather resistance, Douglas fir is widely used for outdoor applications such as facade cladding, fences, terraces, interior cladding, trusses, beams, pillars, sleepers, house structures and many other areas where structural strength is paramount. Due to the fact that Douglas fir provides high strength, it is suitable for gluing, therefore it is commonly used in the production of glued structural profiles. Due to its stability, durability, beautiful appearance and easy processing, Douglas fir is suitable for the production of window and door frames, moldings, cabinets and other construction joinery products. Hardness, strength, stability and durability of Douglas fir is used in the industrial sector, for the production of tanks, vats, storage containers.

31. 10. 2021

Douglas Fir 85/15

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Saicos terrace oils

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