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Siberian larch cladding profiles

Siberian larch, botanically known as Larix sibirica, is a slow-growing conifer and is one of the most commonly used woods for outdoor projects. It is a popular wood valued for its beautiful appearance, natural resistance, hardness and durability. Siberian larch is classified as a softwood, but due to its specific density, it is one of the hardest softwoods in the world. With its hardness, density and natural durability, Siberian larch can equal a considerable group of hardwoods.

10 items
Siberian larch Rhombus 21x68 mm
Siberian larch Rhombus 28x68 mm
Siberian larch cladding Rhombus 21x95 mm
Siberian larch profile 28x45 mm
Siberian larch planks 21x58 mm
Siberian Larch planks 21x95 mm
Siberian larch planks 21x120 mm
Siberian Larch planks 21x145 mm
Siberian larch 45x58 mm
Siberian larch 40x70 mm