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Adhesive Uzin MK 160, 16 kg

Product code: Uzin-MK-160-16kg

Uzin Mk 160,
adhesive for multi-ply wood flooring without size limitation and block flooring,
1-component adhesive with hard elastic adhesive ridge for the time-saving and economic installation.

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Detailed Description

Uzin MK 160 - adhesive for multilayer flooring

1 component elastic glue for multilayer parquet flooring with a hard elastic adhesive ridge for quick and economical placement of multilayer parquet floors for the interior. Uzin MK 160 adhesive is designed for multi-layer parquet without size limitation and solid block boards up to size 22x70x500 mm, for cement and calcium sulphate screeds or concrete, for new, firmly screwed boards of V100 or OSB chipboards, for leveling materials suitable for laying multi-layer parquet, also suitable for warm water underfloor heating.

Fields of application

Multi-layered parquets
Parquet friezes up to a maximum size of 22 x 70 x 500 mm


Hard elastic adhesive, for laying multi-layer parquet
Good application
Good comb stability
Hard elastic adhesive according to ISO 17 178
Residues of glue on parquet floors can be removed

Specification points

Technical informations

Type of packaging: plastic container, "salami" packaging
Pack size: 16 kg, 2 x 6 kg "salami" (12 kg), 12 x 600 ml "salami"
Shelf life: at least 6 months (plastic container), at least 12 months ("salami")
Color: light beige
Consumption: 1000 - 1200* g/m²
Laying time: 20 - 25 minutes*
Min. processing temperature: 15 °C on the floor
Load capacity: after approx. 24 hours*
Grindability: after approx. 36 hours*



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