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Novlek ventilation shims 100 pcs

Product code: novlek-vent-pod

Novlek ventilation shims designed for dilatation and ventilation between underdecking joist and decking boards.

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Detailed Description

Ventilation shims Növlek

Növlek ventilation shims are designed for dilatation between the base prism ( underdecking joist ) and decking boards, for the possibility of air ventilation, limiting the cutting effect of mounting screws and preventing the accumulation of water on the base prism and thus longer life of the terrace.

Product advantages

Air flow and ventilation between decking boards and joists
Prevent water accumulation in critical areas
Prevent breaking effect on mounting screws
Integral coverage ensures the protection of joist
Quick and easy installation, stops for placement in right position
Fully waterproof material
Full coverage of the width of the prism and its hiding
Stackable, underlay and layering
High compresion ressistance
Very durable composition
High compression resistance


Width: 65 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Packing contend: 90x double shims, 10x start/end shims, 10x screws
For wooden and composite decking: yes
Packing consuption: +/- 6 m2 for 14 cm wide decking boards

Other benefits

Positioning stops - they ensure extremely fast, precise installation.
The shim is simply slipped between the board and the joist, up to the stops. No need to screw.
Joist protective cover - covers the full width of the joist and protects it from water. Helps with water run-off and discharge.
Exclusive design - the unique shape of the shim gives a maximum area of support for the board. Registered design.
5 mm thick - to ensure optimum detachment of the board from its support.
Cutting guide - ventilation shims can be split into 2 halves along the cutting guide.
Ventilation channels - alows ventilation of the upper surface of the joist. Prevents water retention.
Durable, rugged composite material ensures long-term resistance to loads and stresses.
Start and end shim - without positioning stops to prevent hindering adjustment of the first deck board. Supplied with A2 SPAX® stainless steel screws.

Proper ventilation

In order to reduce the risk of water and moisture being trapped between boards and joists, it is strongly recommended that the board be detached
from its supporting surface using the NÖVLEK® ventilation shims. They ensure perfect ventilation of the underside of the boards, and prevent water retention at the contact point between board and joist. Using NÖVLEK® ventilation shims significantly improves durability and stability of the decking, and reduces the risk of the boards cupping. The ventilation shim is simply slipped between the board and the joist.


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