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Oak solid wooden flooring by Weiss

Product code: 340850-16

Oak solid flooring by Weiss production,
size: 15-20x137/167/207x1000-1973 mm


The following types of product are available:

Grade and size
Surface treatment
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177.82 €  / m²
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Detailed Description

Oak solid wooden flooring by Weiss

Oak large size solid luxury flooring are available in a wide range of formats in long lengths 1000-1973 mm. Boards are manufactured by Austrian producer Weiss Gmbh as unfinished for additional coating or prefinished in natural or colored oil. The floors are also offered in a wide range of decorating surfaces. Brushed, hand-planed, cuttered, surface decorated with nails, man-made worm holes or artificially vintaged surface and other options. This kind of solid floor is intend for glue down installation.


15x137/169x1000/1473/1973 mm
20x137/167/207x1000/1473/1973 mm
Specie: oak
Botanical name: Quercus robur
Wood origin: EU
Production: Weiss Austria
Moister content: 7-11%
Density: 660 ± 50 kg/m3
Construction: solid wooden flooring
Joint connection: tonge and groove
Coating: unfinished or factory prefinished
Beveling: yes
Brushing: according demand
Suitable for water underfloor heating: yes

Specification points

Technical informations

Technical information and lots of valuable advice on hardwood floors are available here (Czech language version only).

About the oak wood

Solid oak flooring with tongue and groove are a timeless classic. They are characterized by high durability and beauty. They are made from a one piece of wood with tongue and groove on all four sides, edges are beveled. This kind of solid flooring is intended for glue down installation with parquet adhesives to the subfloor. These oak floors is offered unfinished for additional surface coating or fatory pre-finished. Oak flooring is graded to four quality classes Select, Classik, Rustical and Wildlife, which differ according wood purity and knot size and another characteristics.

Grading of Weiss oak flooring

Weiss wooden oak floors are supplied in accordance with the European standard EN13629:2012 "free class" in four classification levels: Select, Classic, Rustical and Wildlife. Individual classifications differ from each other in the number and size of knots, cracks and processing. Below is an indicative overview of the individual classification levels. As wood is a natural material, it is not possible to achieve an exact match with the given photos. The grading specification of oak Weiss flooring you can find in the "Download" tab section.

Long lenghts boards

Luxury flooring Weiss are only produced in long lengths boards 1000, 1473 and 1973 mm. Just long raw sawn boards are used for production. Unlike other manufacturers that on your floor that there is no short lengths. On special order, we can also make optional super long lengths of 3-6 m with spreading planks up to 40 cm. This series of large-format boards are called a series of signatures.

Custom made surfaces

Weiss flooring can be produced in many decorative styles. You can choose a classic smooth or brushed surface or a whole range of non-traditional styles of decoration with manual or machine finishing. Thus, the surface with decorative nails, the roughly chopped surface, which is often used as a design element for wood paneling, Reflax special surfaces, surfaces with a ripped effect of cuts on a band saw, insect damage and other lines of styles, can be selected which will give you the individual look of your floor.       

Color options - prefinished oils

Massive Weiss floors are produced both without surface treatment intended for additional oiling or varnishing or with factory surface treatment in a wide range of color shades. During the production of floors, emphasis is placed on high quality and ecology. If you have not chosen from the Weiss factory floor coatings, we offer Saicos stains, hard wax oils and varnishes for additional manual application in more than 30 other shades.

Below are indicative color options for oak floors that can be ordered from the factory. The color shades are indicative only and it is not possible to achieve an exact match.


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