Tatajuba decking

Tatajuba decking

Tatajuba hardwood decking
Size: 21x145x1800-5700 mm
Profile: both side smooth

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Tatajuba decking

Tatajuba decking

Tatajuba decking

Tatajuba decking

Tatajuba decking

Tatajuba decking

Name: Tatajuba
Botanical name: Bagassa guianensis
Origin: South America
Size: 21x145x2100-5700 mm
Density:  approx 800 kg/1m3
Natural durablity index EN350: 1 class
Wood drying: KD
Usage: outdoor decking
Packing: loose on packets
Profile: both side smooth S4S, E4E
Certificate of legal origin: EUTR

About Tatajuba

Tatajuba botanical name Bagassa guianensis is a hard South American specie with high durability. This wood native to South America is characterized by good stability and a beautiful honey shade. The color of this tree is initially yellowish with various shades of striping, within a few days to weeks in the sun, the wood changes color to a beautiful golden honey hue due to pigmentation process. As with other wood, weathering occurs after time under open sky.

Colour and weathering

The color of the tatajuba is initially light yellow with a spectrum of shades. After exposure to the sun, this tree darkens to a golden honey color with various shades. A strong color spectrum of shades is characteristic of tropical woody plants, including tatajuba. The texture of the tatajuba is from radial to irregular structure. Due to UV radiation and climate, the wood weatheres and changes color to a gray tint over time. Due to the effect of moisture or dirt, the wood may blacken and change color to a dark shade. The weathering time of wood depends on the method of treatment, the location of the climate, the exposure of individual pieces to rain and other weather conditions.


This wood provides a high degree natural durability class 1-2 and very good stability, surface chipping. After completing the installation of the terrace, it is therefore recommended to regrind the wood surface with an electric grinder to achieve a smooth surface. Necessity of pre-drilling holes for screws to prevent splitting and cracking. Wood that is exposed to outdoor climatic influences changes in volume, dries out or grows according to climate change. There may be differences in width for individual boards, due to the different expansion of the wood during moisture balance between radial and tangential growth of the wood. Cracks, deflections, troughs, torsion, cracks and fissures can occur in the wood, especially at the ends of the boards due to drying, changing depending on the relative humidity or changes in climatic conditions, small holes for wood-destroying insects. If you want to restore the original color of the wood, use a professional Saicos dehumidifier (new window) according to the technical sheet. Then treat with a suitable protective oil paint

Natural oils contend

Most of tropical woods contains natural oils which may flush out from the wood during a certain period when wood is exposed to weather conditions as rain or high humidity in the form of a brown liquid. Avoid contact with walls, plaster, bricks and other surounding which can be stained. Secure rainwater pipe or sewer system in the event that the installation is made in balconies.

Wood storage

Before and during installation make sure that wood is not exposed to direct sunlight, rain, snow or other weather conditions. Keep wood covered under the foil or store it under the roof with relative humidity similar to outdoor conditions. Place the wood on stickers to allow air ventilation and keep wood out of moist and mold formation. Follow these storage instructions to prevent wood against twisting, bowing or other deformations which may apear during incorrect storage.

Care and maintenance

Clean your deck regulary, keep it out of dirt, soil, sediments and pollen. This prevents the penetration of dirt macropores into the wood. The black dirt stains can occure under objects like umbrellas stands, flower pots, bowls, mats and other where water and hight moisture can stand without proper air ventilation. Therefore carry these objects time to time and ensure natural drying and ventilation. This helps to avoid creating of dark spots on the wood.

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